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The finesse of clearance sale !

The CBD OG Kush flower is one of the most powerful on the market. Its hybrid profile gives it balanced effects, between relaxation and creativity. This variety is one of the most popular.

We offer you this unprecedented clearance from OG Kush at unbeatable prices : from €1.2 per gram !

Grammes : 100g

OG Kush Flower: powerful and inexpensive CBD

We make you happy on CBD Destock ! The OG Kush variety is a CBD flower particularly sought after for its potency. We offer it to you at unbeatable prices .

If this variety is so popular, it is in particular for its extremely balanced effects. It was also named among the “ 25 Best varieties of all time ” by High Times.

OG Kush CBD is known for its intense effects of relaxation which are coupled with a feeling of creativity and motivation . Since its creation, under the Californian sun, OG Kush has invaded the market. We also think that “OG” refers to “Ocean Grown”.

The benefits of OG Kush

Generally speaking, cannabidiol is recognized for its anti-inflammatory, painkilling, analgesic and soothing properties. However, each variety of flower has its own characteristics.

According to consumers accustomed to OG Kush , it would be a good CBD flower to manage:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Mood swings

These opinions do not replace the advice of a health professional, as cannabidiol is not a medicine.

Some people also enjoy OG Kush for its strong uplifting and uplifting effects. It would increase creativity and energy while relaxing the body. This is why we are talking about a very balanced CBD flower which relaxes but motivates .

The aromatic profile

This variety has authentic flavors sought after by regulars.

As soon as you open the package, notes of citrus and earth fill the nostrils. In the mouth, it is rather the tastes of diesel and pin that emerge. The general sensation is between spice, wood and essence with lemony notes .

The OG Kush therefore has a complex aromatic profile, which stands out for its subtlety.

CBD Destock: the best cheap CBD site!

If you're looking to buy cheap CBD, you've come to the right place!

CBD Destock, as its name suggests, has only one objective: to offer CBD flowers on clearance . Available from 100 grams, our floral tops are the least expensive on the market. Our promotions are unbeatable: the more quantity you take, the cheaper the price per gram.

But that’s not all! OG Kush CBD, like all our flowers, is also ofexcellent quality. Our floral tops come from 100% organic Swiss hemp crops.

This allows you to buy cannabidiol at the trim price while enjoying very good quality.

So you can relax with cheap CBD, throughout France!

Fast delivery in France

We deliver quickly yourCBD purchases throughout France.

OurCBD flowers are shipped to the four corners of Francein less than 24 hours. Whether you are in Paris, Toulouse or Strasbourg, we take care to deliver your cannabidiol flowers as quickly as possible. Delivery is free from 250 euros of purchase!


The purchase, consumption, sale and delivery of CBD flowers are authorized by French and European legislation.

The floral tops offered for sale on CBD Destock comply with current regulations. Also, our flowers contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the legal level.

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The Gelato CBD diffuses complex scents , between authentic skunk and mentholated touches.  

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In terms of effects, it provides relaxation and relaxation thanks to its Indica parentage.

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We offer it at an unbeatable price, from 59 cents per gram !

Trim CBD (1 kg)

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What are twenty cent coins for, if not to discover our trim of CBD ?

This trim of CBD is offered at the exceptionally low price of 0.2 €/g . We can say that it is the cheapest derivative of CBD flower on the internet !

Thanks to this unique clearance sale , you can buy a kilogram of trim for only 199 euros

The trim CBD Destock is a mixture of small flowers and CBD hemp leaves taken from various varieties sweet and authentic which vary depending on the week.

With its diversity of flavors and effects, trim has it all!


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We can't get enough of the Lemon Haze !

With its essential citrus flavors , it is a real treasure trove of sensations. The Lemon Haze is one of the big favorites .

She is known to stimulate creativity and motivation.

This artist’s flower is a treat for the senses and the mind…

We offer you an exceptional clearance sale from 1.2 euros per gram … What? Yes, yes, you heard correctly!

A flower of gold at the price of lead, it’s possible!

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THC < 0.2%

We made you CBD flowers for less than 1€/g , we made you small buds for less than 0.5€/g .

Yes, yes, this mixture of small buds is available in France at 32.9 cents per gram, or 329 euros per kilo ! This is therefore the affair of the century .

This exceptional clearance is composed of small flowers of various CBD . A treat with many flavors…

Only available in 1 kilogram pack.